What’s on at Longbridge

Longbridge Shopping have regular events for all the family to enjoy.

View below the next events taking place at Longbridge Shopping.


Events bring people together! Do you have an event you would like to put on in Longbridge?

Friends of Longbridge Open Spaces - coordinated by Helen Denby-Knight on behalf of Longbridge, is made up of a team of people from the Longbridge community dedicated to supporting the community and youth-led activity in the open spaces and asset venues of Longbridge. Their main objective is to create a sense of community and bring about improved community harmony and cohesion in Longbridge which has been fractured by the closure of the MG Rover/Austin plan in 2005. Offering a community based events programme attracts people to come together and experience Longbridge a in a different way. Shared experiences bring people together and allows key time for reflection on the history of the site as well as looking forward to the new era of Longbridge.

Would you like to run a community event in Longbridge? Contact helen@hdkmarketing.co.uk

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